Subject: Re: Installer
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Robert Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/18/1994 01:56:24
On Mon, 17 Jan 1994, Allen Briggs wrote:

> I have uploaded the installer source.  My hope is that someone will
> voluteer to maintain it.  To do so, download it, play with it, and
> if you see some things that need to be done, do 'em.
> If you have any questions or need some ideas on what needs to be
> done, please ask me.  It's ugly code and it hasn't been looked at
> in some time...
> BTW, It's THINK C 5.0-ish source.

Cool! Speaking of which, MKFS wouldn't compile under Think C 6.0... 
Shoot, I dont' remember what it was, but some field was missing from teh 
partition declaration... I kinda didn't have time to look into it 
though... any ideas off the top of your head? :-)

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