Subject: Can anyone answer...
To: MacBSD General Mailing List <>
From: Brad Grantham in Convenient Vinyl Pouch <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/16/1994 04:26:22
I have one request and some questions for the NetBSD/Mac68k community.


- Would anyone be willing to loan me their Mac IIci so that I may get
  internal video and RAM Bank B working?


- Are there any other Macs besides the IIci and IIsi in which the two (or more)
  RAM banks are not contiguous?  

- Are there any other Macs besides the IIci and IIsi which map the internal
  video from 0 up to the NuBus psuedo-slot?

- Does anyone have a canonical list of the Mac models more recent than the one
  on sumex?

- Why does buttered toast always land butter-side down?

- Does anyone have any documentation on the customizable MC68HC05 or the
  M50753 that they'd love to let me borrow?

- Does anyone have a copy of the famed third edition of the "Mac Family
  Hardware Guide" that I might borrow?

- Who could possibly like Cindy Crawford's beauty mark?

- Is anyone working on a kernel build environment under MacMiNT, MacMach,
  A/UX, or MachTen?

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