Subject: re:(Sort of ?) bug found in blk_drv/scsi/scsi.c, sd.c
To: <>
From: hamish (h.i.) macdonald <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/15/1994 23:33:46

After seeing Drew's reply on this SCSI stuff, I went back and looked
at the A3000 (well, the WD33C93) SCSI driver.

I'd thought that it was handling Logical Units correctly.  It turns
out that I was wrong.

I'm sorry for implying that your disks were broken, Frank.

The WD33C93 driver which I adapted from the Amiga NetBSD sources does
logical units incorrectly (according to the SCSI-II standard).  As a
matter of fact, I took a peek at the current NetBSD WD33C93 code, and
it *still* does it incorrectly.

The WD33C93 driver encodes the logical unit in the SCSI command, when
it should be encoding it in the IDENTIFY message.

I've now changed the code in my development sources to *correctly*
pass the logical unit in the IDENTIFY message sent to the target.

I'm hoping to release 0.07 shortly, which will include this change,
among others.

Hopefully Frank won't see them same problems with his SCSI disks with
this release.



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