Subject: Re: sources on sun-lamp
To: Space Case <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/11/1994 09:24:36
> Now I find some _major_ new things:
> -  In miscfs dir, two new types of fs: lofs and portal.  OK, no prob.
> -  In arch dir, a new m68k dir.  Interesting.
> -  In arch/mac68k, new config files.  This is where the hurt starts.

OK....  The m68k showed up to try to throw some of the mi parts of the
m68k stuff (frame structures, and so forth) into one place instead of
spreading them all over Helen's back.  To do this, several changes
had to be made, so that the makefile could reference stuff from yet
another arch directory.  This was the addition of the second argument
to machine in std.mac68k.  So, we now have
"machine <machine_name> <machine_arch>"
in std.mac68k.  The changes I checked in last night should work...
I've also updated files.newconf to see the lofs and portalfs and
the new exec_subr.c and the new procfs, and so on...  So, you need
to get the latest, which should be suppable with the ksrc

> If this is a work in
> progress, how long will it be before it's usable again?

It is work in progress.  It should be usable now...  I'm in the process
of trying to compile what I checked in (no worries--maybe a minor bug
here or there from some cleanup that I initiated).

> I like some
> of the things I'm seeing (looks like a kernel debugger is coming
> together) and would like to keep current.

Yeah.  The kernel debugger will be nice.  It's now in the mi area, and
Charles Hannum is working on it, too, for the hp300...

> It breaks my heart to have
> to wait for the new toys. ;^)

:-)  I know...  I'm waiting for the IIci changes--which include nifty
argument passing from the new booter.  I'm also waiting on a fix to
the ADB get-a-single-character-while-interrupts-are-off function so
that the debugger can be debugged ;-)  (Hi, Brad ;)


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