Subject: sources on sun-lamp
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 01/10/1994 20:16:37
Every few days, i have been updating my kernel source tree with new files
off sun-lamp.  I saw, in some of the other maillists, that there were some
major changes going on in the kernel exec stuff, so I waited a week or so
to do another grab.

Now I find some _major_ new things:

-  In miscfs dir, two new types of fs: lofs and portal.  OK, no prob.
-  In arch dir, a new m68k dir.  Interesting.
-  In arch/mac68k, new config files.  This is where the hurt starts.

arch/mac68k/std.mac68k causes to barf on line 4.  To wit:
machine mac68k m68k apparently doesn't like two identifiers on one line.  Of
course, config isn't much better -- it spews all over the whole file.

So.  What's the deal here?  Is this the start of the merge of the
different m68k versions?  Is there supposed to be a new version of
config that works with the new std.mac68k?  If this is a work in
progress, how long will it be before it's usable again?  I like some
of the things I'm seeing (looks like a kernel debugger is coming
together) and would like to keep current.  It breaks my heart to have
to wait for the new toys. ;^)