Subject: Cross Development talk again
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/08/1993 11:13:49
I have had very little success getting the NetBSD gnu sources to compile on
my DECStation at work.  It seems like bits are missing.  The only thing I have
compiled so far are make and gas and I can only really confirm that make works.

gcc2 seems to be missing config.h and I can't find it on sun-lamp.
ld & ar both barf about headers and structures - I assume this is because I am
relying on my Ultrix <include path> - no major drama here, just some sweat which
I *will* get nailed eventually.

Can someone mail me/post me the results of this command "ls -lR" over the
directory that contained their gnu sources?  That way, I can work out what's
missing and impose on them a second time to send me the differences 8-)