Subject: Re: Some Questions
To: Stefan Arentz <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/05/1993 09:58:14
> Hi, I hope someone can help me with the following questions:

I'll try...

> + How hard is it to let MacBSD run on a Quadra 660AV?

Good question.  To just run, it shouldn't be _too_ bad, but to support
all of the nifty features, we'd have to have a lot of nifty drivers.
The main blocks in the path (that I know of) are SCSI (probably--I know
that the Q700, at least, has a new SCSI chip) and 68040.  The latter we
can try to implement, but the former will probably require a machine to
fix.  After the IIci is working...

> + How do you transfer the binaries from a Mac partition to an A/UX partition?

Tar them on to the swap partition for now...  The A/UX ufs filesystem is
just different enough to be a bother.  Unfortunately, they both use the
same magic number.  Thanks, guys.

> + Can you use MacMINT to build the kernel?

No.  If you, or someone else, wants to work on that, it would be *very*
nice to see.

> + Is MacsBug still alive when MacBSD runs?

No.  No software should still be alive.

> + Is sun-lamp mirrored in Europe?

Here's the list of mirrors from sun-lamp:/pub/NetBSD-current/doc/MIRRORS:

====================<<  snip  >>=================

NetBSD Distribution Site List				<$Revision: 1.15 $>

(Assume that all non-USA sites, unless otherwise noted, have no
security tools whatsoever, because the standard security tools are
not legally exportable from the United States.)

Name/IP-Addr/Location				Which trees:				NetBSD-0.9,
/pub/NetBSD				NetBSD-0.9
/netbsd				NetBSD-0.9
/packages/NetBSD			NetBSD-0.9
/pub/unix/NetBSD                              NetBSD-0.9 and NetBSD-current
/pub/mirrors/NetBSD			NetBSD-0.9 and NetBSD-current
/pub/NetBSD					NetBSD-current					(Primarily for HP internal use,
/mirrors/NetBSD					but currently unrestricted.)				NetBSD-current
/pub/NetBSD					NetBSD-0.9
/pub/netbsd					NetBSD-current

====================<<  snip  >>=================

> If you can't compile MacBSD on a Macintosh, then I'm willing to write some
> general code like terminal emulation, screen access routines, or maybe even
> a very simple low level debugger...

You mean, compile under MacMINT?  Probably one of the best contributions
you could make--if you know something about MacMINT--would be to work on
a development environment for MacOS.  It would be invaluable to those who
have machines that don't work, yet, and who don't have access to a running
MacBSD box.


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