Subject: Some Questions
To: None <>
From: Stefan Arentz <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/05/1993 14:49:19
Hi, I hope someone can help me with the following questions:

+ How hard is it to let MacBSD run on a Quadra 660AV?

+ How do you transfer the binaries from a Mac partition to an A/UX partition?

+ Can you use MacMINT to build the kernel?

+ Is MacsBug still alive when MacBSD runs?

+ Is sun-lamp mirrored in Europe?

If you can't compile MacBSD on a Macintosh, then I'm willing to write some
general code like terminal emulation, screen access routines, or maybe even
a very simple low level debugger...

 -- Stefan

Stefan Arentz            -- Software Constructor --
                    Scrub-a-dub-dub with Barney in the tub!