Subject: New make and status
To: MacBSD Development <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/04/1993 01:39:12
Well, it looks like the NetBSD core team has come to the decision to
use MACHINE_ARCH instead of ARCH.  Probably a good idea--less chance
for a namespace collision somewhere down the line.  In any case, I've
uploaded a new make to sun-lamp:/pub/NetBSD/mac/make.gz.  It will
export MACHINE and MACHINE_ARCH when you run it.  For NetBSD/Mac, the
symbols are defined as:

	MACHINE      == mac68k

You'll find that a number of makefiles in NetBSD-current that used
MACHINE will move suddenly to MACHINE_ARCH.  Yea!!!!

Status update: I've been trying to track the changes in NetBSD, and
the kernel sources in -current should be what I'm running at home.
The only known big bug is that the pram support is way wrong.  Bogus,
but livable for me for now--I have /etc/rc prompt me for the date
during boot.


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