Subject: Re: Cross-compiling
To: Kurt Olsen Unix/Vax/Micro Consultant <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 12/02/1993 18:27:35
Kurt Olsen Unix/Vax/Micro Consultant
> >From:	IN%""  2-DEC-1993 03:16:12.19
> >Subject: RE: Cross-developing MacBSD
> >of pointless.  It requires porting GCC, GAS, and the GNU binutils package
> >to your host OS, managing the MacBSD include and source tree, and
> >understanding the kernel code without a working model.  Finally, you
> >can hardly tell the difference between a kernel that doesn't work and a
> >compiler that generates incorrect output.  It sounds to me like we'll
> >be done with the port for your machine around the time you get your
> >cross-compiler working.  (This should inflame a lot of people into
> >trying.)
Building a cross compilier with GCC is cake.  All that is needed
is gcc, gnu's binutils (has a linker, archiver), gas, and the
libraries and includes for the target platform, in this case macbsd.
To make a cross compilier from netbsd it will be even easier since
most of the includes exist on the machine already.  The docs that
come with gcc tell how to do this in a fairly clear manner.  I made
a cross compilier from Interactive Unix on a 486 to a Sparc running
Sunos4 (and another one for Solaris) last week and had no major
problems.  Who wants to it?