Subject: Re: what can i throw away?
To: Keenan Brock <>
From: Allen X Briggs <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/30/1993 09:53:14
> basically I threw away all non mac or hp300 directories in the arch
> directory and in lib/libkern.  killed msdosfs too.

Sounds OK.

> can i kill the compat directory, and all the CVS directories?

Sounds OK.  We might be using compat_sunos soon, though.

> can i kill the hp300 directories or is it safer to keep those?

You can blow them away if you want to.  They were the base of our
port, but they aren't terribly useful at this point.

> Also - my disk is 108% full.  I asked this question before.  you all seemed
> to think it was normal... ooh well.

It is.  As root, you can write to it still.  As another user, you
wouldn't be able to.  This allows the system to continue to function
if a user's run-away program fills up the rest of the disk (or something
along those lines)...


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