Subject: Re: Saga of MacBSD installation on LC520
To: None <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/16/1993 15:40:35
>    Now, I know 9 bars is the measure of a sucessful boot. How can I find out
> what is tripping the boot process up? I tried turning on debugging output, but
> right now it's meaningless to me. Could someone on the development team get in
> touch with me about this?

I suggest you look at

starting at "start:".  You can count the number of times that _gray_bar
is called to figure out where your machine crashes.  Remember that if
the MMU is enabled and the IP now points to a bogus location, there
will still be some good code in the cache, so your computer may
continue for a bit before crashing.  (In other words, the bad code may
be before the 8th bar.)  I suggest that you try to find out what the
memory layout of your system is, because that's the likely suspect.
Let us know what you find.

9 bars is only a sign that you've gone through locore successfully, but
you still have the rest of the bootstrap process to go through.  It all
depends on the kind of hardware that they put into the LC 520.  (SCSI
chip, etc.)