Subject: Recompiling sources on sun-lamp
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/11/1993 11:03:43
I grabbed the latest sources from sun-lamp (in the sys.tar.gz file) and tried
compiling them last night.

I got several errors which seem to be problems with the mac directories
specifically.  I checked again this morning against the .../arch/mac directory
and the only differences seemed to be the inclusion of $Id and $Revision key
words so I guess its a problem.

1.	mac/swapgeneric.c is missing

I looked in the one for amiga but it had amiga specific stuff in it so I gave
up, especially after I checked the other directories and the file sizes
were different for hp300,amiga,i386,sun3,pmax,...

Can someone mail me this please?

2.	include/endian.h contains syntax errors

There appear to be some macros (__BEGIN_DECLS and __END_DECLS) which are
not defined and thus cause syntax errors.  They only seem to be around
prototypes of functions which actually evaluate to no-op so I just #if 0/#endif
around the whole thing and it seemed to compile.

This is obviously not the solution.  Who should have defined these things?

3.	signal.h appears to be missing from the include path

I included the version from .../arch/i386/... but I am not sure that this
was the correct thing to do because of my next problem.

4.	mac/machdep.c has problems with sigcontext

Every reference to sigcontext (that is not a pointer) barfed.  The errors
appeared to be saying that it could not determine the size of a
'sigcontext'.  Thus, "struct  sigcontext *sf_scp;" worked ok because
pointers to structures are a finite size but "struct  sigcontext sf_sc;"
barfed as did "sizeof (*scp)"

I presume this is because of my use of the wrong signal.h.

Can someone mail me the right one?