Subject: An oops, and a report
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/08/1993 23:05:46
Here I was, thinking I had 8MB in my Mac II, trying out the new booters.
Well, was I ever wrong.  Turns out I have only 5MB.  So, I went back and
tried them again.  This time they all worked with GENERIC.48 -- the
original, the 'mikehacked32bit' and the 'hacked32bit-nofpu'.  So, that
makes me happy (and others, as well, I'm sure).

So, I thought I'd try the netbsd-nofpu kernel out on the II.  With the
original booter, I got *zero* gray bars; with the nofpu booter, I got
*eight* gray bars.  This kernel apparently doesn't like my machine.
Having looked at doing the same thing, I wonder: was it only compiled
without the FPU Define, or were there other changes?  If the former,
it bodes ill for my effort.

More later...