Subject: Re: booters
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/07/1993 16:19:40
>> Well, I'm excited about the progress in the booters, because it means I will
>> soon be able to attempt booting on my C610.  However, the progress seems to
>> be backward in relation to my Mac II.  The 'MacBSD mike hacked 32bit' that
>> was last released failed just after the welcome banner, but it rebooted too
>> quickly for me to see what it said.  Now the 'MacBSD hacked 32bit - no
>> math' fails also, but it just hangs.  At least I can see what it said:
>These booters are booting my MacII with daystar 030 40Mhz just
>peachy. I have 8 megs of memory.  How much memory do you have?
>How much memory is set in the booter's pref dialog?  Other than
>that, I can't think of any reason why the newer booters would fail.
>The new booters slap some interesting values into some registers
>that the kernel reads, but this happens LONG before you are dying.  It looks
>like you are dying on the context switch. (Is this correct Larry and Allen?)
>What kind of hardware do you have?
>ram amount?
>extra nubus cards?
>Power mitten?
>Does the old booter still work?  Is it the same kernel with the
>old and the new booters?
>[Message so that Larry and Allen can either confirm my guess or
>call me a dolt.]
>>   Welcome to NetBSD/Mac 0.0
>>   panic: bad mapping
>>   syncing disks...
>>   [hung]
>> This is with the GENERIC.48 kernel.
I have a basic Mac II, '020, 8MB, PMMU.  The booter is told to expect 8MB.
Mac video is the only card. Standard keyboard and mouse, nothing more.
Only one SCSI device, the hard disk.  The old booter _does_ bring the
system up OK.