Subject: Re: tar (was Re: gzip)
To: Joseph Z. Provo <>
From: Kenneth Knight <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/07/1993 19:17:28
I have been thinking about doing a basic archiver that will transparently
support gzip (and other compressors) that would be like gtar. I have
a variety of reasons for putting this off. The biggest is that it is not
as simple as it first appears. The archiver and compression app both must
speak the same language where appleevents are concerned and that is a tough
chore. So, though I may try my hand at it sometime don't hold your breath.

BTW, sorry for the slow gzip release. As has been pointed out a non-GPL
complient one for version 1.24 is out there and it does work pretty well.

  ** Ken **
>...but one of the major wins of gtar is the automagic hook for gzip;
>thought this makes more sense in an *ix environment [saving keystrokes]
>than in macOS [keystrokes? whazzat?]...
>joe, wondering if my extremely kludged "internal" HD for me old mac2
>    will work happily with the current kernel...
>    ...and awaiting ANOTHER night when I can try to stuff the pieces onto 
>    disks to sneakernet home...