Subject: gzip
To: None <>
From: Keenan Brock <kfb2@Lehigh.EDU>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/06/1993 22:08:38
about gunzip"

I was poking around and trying to throw something together- but i found it
for the macintosh already ported at: /info-mac/cmp/gzip0.1b.hqx

sorry if the name is not exact.  but note, there are 2 gzips there
one small - the other large - get the larger one. It is much nicer, and the
app is only 141k vs 66k.

It mentiones that it can only zip 1 file at a time.  I was under the
impression that gzip for unix only does this as well.  so if you want to
compress and archive you need to tar then zip.  Just my own impression.

now: who is going to port gtar to the mac? :)


Also, if you are on a unix box and want to undo compression (sit or cpt)
use macunpack.  it only works on binary files so you might also need

so for 1.tar.cpt.hqx -> 1.tar.gz
mcvert 1.tar.cpt.hqx
rm 1.tar.cpt.hqx
macunpack -u 1.tar.cpt.bin
mv 1.tar
gzip 1.tar
<sz 1.tar.gz>

Anyone need these programs just email me.  I think they all should be on