Subject: Re: A tale of woe... A plea for help.
To: Space Case <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/06/1993 12:29:19
Before I begin, i'd like to point out the difference between this mailing
list and microsoft tech support.  If you told this story to MS they would
accuse you of "hystrionics" (SP) and tell you that there was no bug, i'll 
just tell you there is no bug  ;-).

> Gather 'round, ladies and gents, and I will tell you a tale of great
> woe, sorrow of such magnitude that rivers of tears will be flowing
> down your face by the time we're done.
"Poor mountaineer, barely kept his family feed, then one day ---he was
shooting for some coon, up from the ground came a-bubbling crude."

> Uh..... Oh.
I usually say this after I type "win" at the dos prompt.

> Now, you must understand, this has been a rough week.  At work, we've
Some Zen: "A week is more than seven days."

> So I boot with the old booter and GENERIC.48, it all comes up roses,
> and I'm happy.
You should have stopped here. :-)

> OK, let's try something here.  That absolutely-newest-as-of-this-
> afternoon booter.  Hm, different dialog box.  I like it.  Anyway,
> set it up, boot, and.....

> It comes up (GENERIC.48 still).  Answer the question to fsck (y),
> drive mount, banner starting to come up, then....
I'm not gonna say that the kernel panic didn't happen, because I've
gotten my share of them.  Sometines a stray nutrino comes zipping
along and flips the kernel panic bit, this is all perfectly normal.
I have a hard time believing that the new booter causes you to get
all the way to the fsck prompt and then crash.  Nope, can't happen.
Try booting with the new booter again.

> least something went right.
HA! Not likely.

> I went through my maillist archives, saw a couple of messages about
> missing files, so I fixed those.  Set up with config, then do a make
> depend.  Uh oh.  An awk error -- Permission Denied.  Huh?  Awk is in
> the middle of a pipe in mkdep.  How can it get a permission denied
> error?
Does awk have  execute perms for everyone?

> Anyway, thought I'd try a compile.  Chunks merrily along, a couple
> of minor things needing attention, until it gets to mac/scsi/st.c.
> It has a couple of defines in it (MTSETBSIZ and MTSETDNSTY) that I
> can not find anywhere on the system.  Red light...  Stop........
Thats the scsi tape file, if you don't have a scsitape device, change
the ST.h (I think this is the name) in the makefile dir to reflect that.
Or maybe, change it in the config dir (i've never mucked with config,
thats Allens baby)

> the kernel doesn't have my arrow key mods, and I can't build a new
> one.  So the question is: Do I have good source?  Or is this the
> source that is in a state of flux, so at any given time, it may or
> may not work?  And then if that is the case, where would I find a
> complete source that will build a known working kernel (say 
> GENERIC.48, hmm?)
On Allens drive.  He has IT. (emphasis on the "IT")  We will be
doing a release this weekend, prob sunday.  Assuming, Allen is
free, I'm free, Allen gets Brad Parker's serial in, and Allen fixes
the mess he's made of config.

(I don't think I should answer anymore mail until I have my Coco Krispies.)