Subject: Re: ci booting
To: darrell pfeifer <PFEIFER@camins.Camosun.BC.CA>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/06/1993 12:00:53
> I am using a standard apple external video card
> on the ci in internal video isn't
> the problem in my case.
Damn, I was hoping that this would solve the internal video problem.
I'm still optimistic, could you try it without "el card?"

> I also tried on my Duo 230 for laughs, but alack,
> no floating point.
When, you say "no floating point" do you mean it gets to the fsck
prompt and says "Illegal Trap" or "Floating Point Exception?"
Because, I don't think there is any floating point stuff needed
until AFTER we clear the screen.  Do you get any grey bars on the
duo?  (Where grey bars turned on? :-) chuckle )