Subject: A tale of woe... A plea for help.
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-development
Date: 11/06/1993 00:27:16
Gather 'round, ladies and gents, and I will tell you a tale of great
woe, sorrow of such magnitude that rivers of tears will be flowing
down your face by the time we're done.

Uh..... Oh.

Anyways, with the announcement of the new booters, I figured we might
be getting close, if not alredy, capable of at least placing the kernel
on an '040 machine.  Then I could start trying some things out on it.

Now, you must understand, this has been a rough week.  At work, we've
had more wierd machine failures than in the previous half-year, and
of course, I'm the firefighter on those.  So, I'm looking forward to
some quality coding time to settle back down.

Up to this point, I've been running the original release, the only
modification to which has been so I can use the arrow keys with tcsh.
So, it's time to update the filesystem/device numbers, and load up
the newer kernel.  I got them updated, with minor incident (tar.1
verwrote my .cshrc... but I should have checked make.dist1 first).
So I boot with the old booter and GENERIC.48, it all comes up roses,
and I'm happy.

OK, let's try something here.  That absolutely-newest-as-of-this-
afternoon booter.  Hm, different dialog box.  I like it.  Anyway,
set it up, boot, and.....
It comes up (GENERIC.48 still).  Answer the question to fsck (y),
drive mount, banner starting to come up, then....

Shoot.  Well, what I really want to do was work with the new source.
I'll look more at the booter later, when I've got something to load.
Got on to sun-lamp, to the mac directory.  If I can get mac.tar.Z,
I could save a lot of work.  Try it...  Well, the ftp server
recognizes it as a command, but is unable to load the translators
(tar and compress).  Oh, well.  So I transfer the stuff down, a
directory at a time, to the Unix box I'm on.  Tar and compress, to
my mac, over to the mac II, installed and spread back out.  At
least something went right.

I went through my maillist archives, saw a couple of messages about
missing files, so I fixed those.  Set up with config, then do a make
depend.  Uh oh.  An awk error -- Permission Denied.  Huh?  Awk is in
the middle of a pipe in mkdep.  How can it get a permission denied

Anyway, thought I'd try a compile.  Chunks merrily along, a couple
of minor things needing attention, until it gets to mac/scsi/st.c.
It has a couple of defines in it (MTSETBSIZ and MTSETDNSTY) that I
can not find anywhere on the system.  Red light...  Stop........

So I sit here contemplating.  I'm in a kind of no-man's land, where
yes, I do have a newer kernel, and the updated device numbers, but
the kernel doesn't have my arrow key mods, and I can't build a new
one.  So the question is: Do I have good source?  Or is this the
source that is in a state of flux, so at any given time, it may or
may not work?  And then if that is the case, where would I find a
complete source that will build a known working kernel (say 
GENERIC.48, hmm?)

And finally, as promised, my plea for help:
Oh, *please,please,please,please,please*.  My coding craving has
not been satisfied.  If anybody knows the whyfores and the 
whereabouts of the above inquiries, please let me know, so I don't
have to go reinventing the wheel.