Subject: Re: It LIVES!
To: Michael Peters <>
From: John P. Wittkoski <>
List: m68k
Date: 12/16/1996 11:35:31
Michael Peters wrote:

>   Thirdly, and last for the moment anyway, will there be any support for
> non-apple ADB devices (like brand-name mice) comming up sometime soon?

As with many other aspects of NetBSD (or many other projects of
this type), support for many things is often limited to what the
developers have available to hack on and the time they have to hack
on it.

Any Apple-compatable single buttons mouse should work ok with
NetBSD/mac68k. Support for three buttons mice right now includes
the Logictech Trackman (or any other device which properly follows
the Apple Extended Mouse Protocol) and the Microspeed Mouse.

I am currently working on getting the Logictech Mouseman to work, which
although it claims to support the Extended Mouse Protocol, really

At this point, it shouldn't be too difficult to add support for other
mice, especially the three button varieties.

So, if you (or anyone else for that matter) have some currently
mouse that you want supported, send me an email. Perhaps we could
it so that you could send me your mouse for a few weeks and I can work
adding support for it.