Subject: LCIII won't boot?
To: None <m68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael Peters <>
List: m68k
Date: 12/11/1996 02:05:21
  Hi, having read and done everything I can, I still cannot get my LCIII 
to boot NetBSD.  Here is what I've done, and what I have:

Mac LCIII 68030 w/fpu
8 MB ram
160 MB HD, partitioned into 24mb mac 16mb swap and the rest a/ux root&usr
all apple-standard equipment but my mouse (Kensington 2button), Zip 
Drive, and NEC 3x cd-rom.

After downloading all but secr12 (Can't find it anywhere) from and, I used the installer 1.1 to 
install all the files (except netbsd development... not enough room! :).) 
on the partition (after using mkfs, of course).  Some files were 
installed more than once due to corrupt file downloads.  All that done, I 
went into the booter v1.9.4 and configured it (basically accepting 
defaults, and filling in misc.information where necessary), and told it 
to boot.  Booter then told me my machine is not on the supported list 
(last I checked it was), and gave me the two standard buttons (which btw 
are backwards... the one to cancel boots you, and the one to boot cancels 
you =).).  After accepting that, it gave me the expected bye, bye poem 
and booterd.  The kernel does it's thing and then infinite loop-style 
scrolls right off my screen with this message before I could read 
anything else:

db>Kernel illegal instruction trap.
Trap type 2, code = 0 v = 0
Caught exception in ddb.

If anyone can help me get this thing working, It'd be much appreciated.  
The 'ddb' above is a bit of a guess, as my eyes couldn't track the three 
letters very well (ok, it's a midnight hack again *sigh* =)).

Thanks for the help,

Michael Donovon Peters

Oblicatory cute .sig here