Subject: StyleWriter 1200 Driver
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: m68k
Date: 12/02/1996 00:19:10
>At 12:47 PM -0800 12/1/96, Charles R Broderick III wrote:
>>Anyone know how to bring a StyleWriter 1200 on line in
>>netBSD? I tried (on the off chance) the ghostscripts
>>setup for the HP DeskWriter, to no avail. I should just
>>have to modify the serial port stty command, right?
>I have a stylewriter driver that is known to work on the SWII and Color SW
>2400.  I don't think anyone's tried it on the 1200 yet, but I'd like to hear
>how it fares.  Take a look at:
>and let me know how it goes, if you decide to give it a try.
>-- monroe


Thanks for the driver tip.

I installed it, and at first it didn't work, but thanks to your
verbose flag (THANK YOU!) I figured out the problem.. lpstyl.c
hung when it tried to identify the printer. I guess sending the
"?" string doesn't work on the 1200? Who knows. So anyway, I just
commented out all that code and forced it to be KIND_SW2, and it
works just peachy.

This is excellent. I've been wanting to print postscript from
my machine for months!! 

--Bob Broderick
  Course 6, 18
  Applied Mathematics / Computer Science
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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