Subject: BSD 1.1 for 68k
To: None <m68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Leonard G Wilson <>
List: m68k
Date: 04/11/1996 13:55:49

I have recently discoverd NetBSD for the Macintosh 68k machines.  I am well
aware that NetBSD has only been tested on Mac IIs but I was hoping you
might be able to help w/ my problem.  I am attempting to run Net BSD on my
PB 540c w/ 36MB of RAM.  Setup a 150Mb partition for the Root file system
and a 36MB Swap partition.  I inflated all the standard binaries found in
"mac68k/binary" When I start to boot this is what comes up in the Booter's

Autobooting after  10 seconds.  (SCSI ID = 0)
Booting...MID_M68K executable:  entry 0x1818.
Malloced 983192 bytes.
657872 (0x0)+51624+102232+43464+45856

Set _boothowto to 0x2.
envbuf - buf = 906732 (0xdd5ec).
                                                                So I sez to
him...  The real way
                                                                that it
should be done is to...
Ser Console = 0
Env:  "ROOT_SCSI_ID" set to 0(0x0).
Env:  "SINGLE_USER" set to 2(0x2).
Env:  "VIDEO_ADDR" set to 1610612736(0x60000000).
Env:  "ROW_BYTES" set to 640(0x280).
Env:  "FLAGS" set to -2147351774(0x80020322).
Env:  "SCREEN_DEPTH" set to 8(0x8).
Env:  "DIMENSIONS" set to 31457920(0x1e00280).
Env:  "BOOTTIME" set to 829139955(0x316babf3).
Env:  "GMTBIAS" set to -300(0xfffffed4).
Env:  "BOOTERVER" set to 108(0x6c).
Env:  "MACOS_VIDEO" set to 1610612736(0x60000000).
Env:  "MACOS_SCC" set to 1357922304(0x50f04000).
Env:  "MACHINEID" set to 72(0x48).
Env:  "MEMSIZE" set to 36(0x24).
Env:  "GRAYBARS" set to 1(0x1).
Env:  "SERIALECHO" set to 0(0x0).
Env:  "SERIALCONSOLE" set to 0(0x0).
Env:  "PROCESSOR" set to 2(0x2).
Env:  "END_SYM" set to 906732(0xdd5ec).
Env:  "ROMBASE" set to 1073741824(0x40000000).
Env:  "TIMEDBRA" set to 8342(0x2096).
Env:  "ADBDELAY" set to 391(0x187).
Env:  "HWCFGFLAGS" set to 60672(0xed00).
Env:  "HWCFGFLAG2" set to -1065328833(0xc0805f3f).
Env:  "HWCFGFLAG3" set to 245522(0x3bf12).

Set _mac68k_vrsrc_cnt to 0x0.

Set _mac68k_vrsrc_vec to {0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 }.

After that it askes me if I'm sure I want to boot.  I click <Boot> and then
the main concole comes up with this:

Bad string table index (0x25401be)
[ preserving 89324 bytes of netbsd symbol table ]
Bootstrapping NetBSD/mac68k.
Faked range to byte 0x2400000.
Bootstrapping the pmap system.
Pmap bootstrapped.
panic: Don't know how to relocate video!

Stopped at                      _Debugger+0x6:  unlk

It then hangs at the prompt.  Sometimes it spews out some hex-code from the
debugger.  I wasn't smart enough to write it down when I got the error.
Could please give some help w/ this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

George Wilson