Subject: still Problems with MacBSD 1.1
To: None <m68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Bernd Machenschalk <>
List: m68k
Date: 03/13/1996 18:33:28
Thanks for your suggestions.

Allen Briggs:
> Ah.  1.1 requires that the system be in 32-bit mode.  You can get
> that with Mode32 from Apple.

Darren Shu:
> Did you use Mode32?  If not, you need to use the extension Mode32
> which is found on many popular FTP sites.

I am using System 7.1 with the "32bit System Enabler" (Mode32 only works
with 7.0 an there is another one for 7.5). I couldn't boot any kernel
(1.0, 1.1, GENERIC_52 from in 32bit Mode; always got something
like "error probing NuBus Video" in the booter window (booter 1.8). The only
thing that works is still the 1.0 kernel booted in 24bit (strange!).

Frustrated with that I made some icons for mkfs, installer, a new one
for the booter and one for the folder I keep the Mac tools in.
Anyone interested?