Subject: Re: NetBSD/mvme (port to the MVME147) available
To: Theo de Raadt <>
From: None <>
List: m68k
Date: 06/30/1995 15:15:16
>i am under contract with a company to make netbsd run on the
>68040-based mvme162 card.

ooooh baby!  I have been working on some IP drivers that run on the 162
board on a hodge-podge of the stdlib code that I grabbed from NetBSD a
long while ago.  (I was not in a position to do a port of NetBSD.)
However, I would be interested in seeing if I could get the drivers
into a NetBSD port on it.

We also use a boat-load of 167s and have been eyeing the 177s.  On
another front, we just got in our first powerPC boards... they are the
mvme1600-series things, we got the 604 based ones.

There are a large number of users here that would probably be thrilled
to death to be able to have a real O/S on these things.

And yes indeed, any driver sources would be contributed back to the

So Pleeeeeeze let me know when you think you have something that is
ready to have driver codes added.  I am pretty psyched about the idea
of NetBSD on the 162.  A way cool thing indeed!


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