Subject: Re: '040 port
To: Philippe =?iso-8859-1?Q?B=E9rard?= <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: m68k
Date: 06/29/1995 14:06:58
>         Well, good accent... ;-) But you can glue the two words to make one
> single.

Thanks...  My wife is the French-speaker of the family.  ;-)

>         So you're the main developper ? I'll be continuing asking my stupid
> questions : which C compiler do you use ? Is there any Public domain or
> shareware compiler good enough on the Mac to be used (like gcc, for
> example) ?

I'm using NetBSD on a IIcx for my development.  It, running NetBSD, is
about as fast as my Quadra running MachTen (well, it _feels_ as fast).
For information about MachTen, see or e-mail  NetBSD is using gcc 2.4.5, but 2.7.0 compiles and runs
under it.  I think that there will eventually (relatively soon) be a GNU
compilation environment under the MacOS--now that the FSF/GNU Apple
boycott is ended.

The mac, amiga, atari, and sun ports can share binaries.

We use the regular BSD filesystem.  One of my projects is to get an
HFS read-only module so we can at least read the HFS.

>         How does the development team of MacBSD compare to the Amiga NetBSD
> ? It seems that you need some people to help you developing those drivers.

What do you mean?  We do need some help with some of the drivers.
The Amiga is much more well-documented than the mac--which hinders
our efforts.  If you'd like to contribute some time and effort, and
you think you can do something, please let me know privately (no need
to keep this on ;-).


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