Subject: Re: '040 port
To: J May Home inspections <>
From: Philippe =?iso-8859-1?Q?B=E9rard?= <>
List: m68k
Date: 06/29/1995 19:32:41

>        Nope. Mac_BSD has not yet been (and probably never will be)
>written for the 68040 or 68LC040 chips. There's no such thing as a linux
>port for the whole motorola 680X0 series.

        Linux is running pretty well on Amigas, even sometimes better than
NetBSD which is harder to configurate, IMHO.

        I find strange that there is no port of NetBSD for '040 Macs, as
there are a lot of Quadra users and, IMHO again, it should be easier to
port an un*x to the Mac than to the Amiga, as this last uses co-processors
for nearly everything (display, sound, timers, etc...).

>        You'd have to get a commercial program, like Mach10 or something.

        How good is Mach10. Oh, yes, this isn't the purpose of this ML, but
could you answer me by e-mail. Thanks.

                                   -- Philippe