Subject: Re: NetBSD/mvme (port to the MVME147) available
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <is@Beverly.Rhein.DE>
List: m68k
Date: 06/29/1995 00:04:17
Hi Herb,

> (Ignatios Souvatzis)  wrote:
>  > Is this in any way related to Theo de Raadts effort? (besides using the
>  > same hardware)
> You mean Chuck Cranor's effort that Theo has recently taken an interest
> in? 

I see, sort of :-) dont know about details. He just contacted me a while
ago when I asked about 68060 porting ppl. Turned out I can't simply take
somebody elses code and just write a few device drivers. :-(