Subject: Re: Mac IIfx -- is it hopeless?
To: Marty Gallagher <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: m68k
Date: 06/28/1995 09:39:18
> Do I have any options, given that the
> Linux port is dead, and that your FAQ says that there are unknown problems
> with NetBSD on the  IIfx?  I am a decent, but amateur programmer.  Would I
> be in over my head trying to get it to run?  Does anyone have any pointers?

You're only option at the moment is a commercial version of Unix
(MachTen or A/UX, unless you want to try to work with MacMiNT).
The IIfx is radically different (on the inside) than just about any
other Mac.  I think it represents one of Apple's more ingenious
ventures, but it's so different and undocumented that just about
every device driver would have to be (re-)written and some of the
lower-level interrupt processing would probably have to be modified
and/or customized.

Anyway, it's enough of a task that, if you're interested in just using
the system, I'd recommend getting/trading for another computer or running
one of the other OS's mentioned above.  :-(


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