Subject: Help Needed Please
To: None <m68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Bob Taylor <>
List: m68k
Date: 04/17/1995 09:55:15
I'm starting the port of NetBSD 1.0 to my computer with the following:

    CPU            - mc68030 33 MHZ
    FPU            - mc68882
    DUART          - mc68681
    SCSI           - 5380
    floppy         - wd37c65 or fd37c65
    dma            - mc68440
    internal clock - mc68230
    kbd            - 8042 (yeah THAT one - is it ENDIAN clean?)
    parallel       - mc68230
    mouse          - 2661b (Signetics?) or mc68661pb (Motorola)
    battery clock  - 58321a or b (Epson or Statech)
    video board    - custom

It seems everybody has their own SCSI driver. Which one do you
recommend? I'm certain there are drivers for the wd37c65 and the mc68230
somewhere, but no one seems to identify their hardware in the source!

Could some kind soul tell me what files contain the source for the
drivers already done and a recommendation for which drivers to use as a
template for those not done?

Thanks in advance,

Bob Taylor

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