Subject: Re: 8k
To: Adam Glass <>
From: None <>
List: m68k
Date: 02/15/1994 00:58:43
> Before I setup a cross-compileation environment to compile 1-2 files:
> Anybody have an environment that builds MID_68K (i.e m68k NetBSD
> binary with 8k page sizes)...

Eh, sure:-) I'll upload new binary dist for amiga RSN, hopefully this
week still. You should be able to use those binaries easily (even with
gcc-2.5.8, not the slightly antique gcc-2.4.5 in the bmake'd tree). I'll
tell you when I upload them to (bin-site for amiga NetBSD).

While I have your attention, m68k programmers.. I saw that in some
spots (very few actually) there are now "#ifdef m68k". I guess this is
a good idea, even a necessary step. BUT I'd strongly vote for using
"#ifdef mc68000" instead. Why? I've come across more than one case of
application with assembly-sources for various cpus, including the
m68k. It seems to be common technique to use "mc68000" vs "m68k" to
decide whether to use MIT (gas) style syntax or SGS (AT&T/USL). Since
we do use gas syntax, we'll save us some trouble depending on
"mc68000" instead of going with "m68k". Note, this only concerns VERY
few files, as most of the distinction of different architectures is
done thru the Makefiles, not thru conditional compilation:


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