Subject: running a diskless Sun 3/60 under *BSD
To: None <>
From: Pierre.Beyssac <>
List: m68k
Date: 01/28/1994 15:56:17
I would like your opinions on the following.

I recently have been able to get an old Sun 3/60.
Its configuration is minimal : diskless, 4 megs RAM.

I also have a 486 PC running FreeBSD 1.0.2. I can get (low volume)
email at home, as well as comp.os.386bsd.* newsgroups or almost any
other newsgroup.

If would like to help for the m68k port of *BSD. I think that only
NetBSD is currently being ported to the 68k, am I wrong ?

I know next to nothing about the Sun 3. Only 68000 machine language...

What I would like to know is :

	- how far is the port from being able to boot a minimal kernel
	  from the PC via ethernet,
	- is it reasonnable to expect cross-developing the Sun port
	  on the PC ?
	- could I be of any help given that I know nothing about the
	  Sun 3 hardware ? I suppose the machine-independent parts of
	  the *BSD kernel are fairly stable now and don't need much
	- at least, would you be interested if I helped as a tester ?

What do you think ?