Subject: Re: FYI: sun_sigreturn
To: Adam Glass <>
From: None <>
List: m68k
Date: 01/24/1994 01:16:10
> I was able to integrate this funtionality into my standard sigreturn
> without any problems, by appropriately triggering off the EMUL_SUNOS
> stuff.

Hm, looked at it, and I don't really see why this can work.. You're
copying one uniform sigcontext into kernel space for all emulators, 
then you branch off and deal with hpux frames, resume, and for sunos, 
return prematurely. The reason I think this can't work, is:
- sunos and bsd sigcontexts are different size
- both contexts may have same members, but they're not at same offset

> Didn't try integrating sun_sendsig with sendsig, but theo keeps telling
> me its easy.

I for a change think that having the two systems be dealt with in 
different functions a much cleaner approach than to stick everything into
one crowded function.

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