Subject: suggest someone (chris ?) add extra entries to sup table
To: None <current@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Julian Howard Stacey <>
List: current
Date: 01/26/1995 00:08:01
Hi NetBSD sup Admin folk,
May I suggest you add a few extra entries such as usr.bin, usr.sbin 
to the list of sup entries for current you have,
reason being, one can sup gnu alone, ksrc alone etc etc,
but then to get usr.sbin (etc) one has to use `src'
which presumably builds an enormous state table at lamp end or local end
or both, (it takes a very long time to start)
It would make the load overhead on lamp & local much lower if you added 
these entries, & sup would start faster, 
more entries also allows lower phone bills during slip+sup connection:
instead of a monolithic sup src off one site,
one can do in parallel for instance
	gnu <-- lamp
	include <--
	usr.bin <-- 3rd site
this presents no more load on average to the server sites, but means we
can get off the phone line quicker (& stop paying line charges quicker :-)

(PS FYI the same splitting was done on freefall some time back to reduce
the monolithic load)

Julian Stacey	<>,<>
		( <> is a dial up )