Subject: Re: 4.99.45 vs. 4.99.36: bad timekeeping on sparc64
To: Rafal Boni <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/29/2007 19:49:45
On Fri, Dec 28, 2007 at 11:29:10PM -0500, Rafal Boni wrote:
> I'm running two sparc64 boxes on different versions of -current -- one a
> V100 running 4.99.36 (updated rarely since it's my mail server, network
> storage for the PCs, etc.) and a Netra T1 running 4.99.45.  Both point
> at the same NTP server (an older NetBSD/i386 box that's peered to some
> external NTP sources)...
> The older box (running 4.99.36) keeps great time.. the newer box,
> however, loses so much time it's about 40 seconds off now, and it hasn't
> been up more than 1.5 days.
> So, at least on sparc64, the CVS HEAD seems to keep pretty abysmally bad
> time.  I haven't yet dug into any details but thought I'd send a query /
> heads-up here.

Just a "me too" on i386 - just noticed 2 days ago, but haven't narrowed
it down.

machdep.cpu_brand = AMD Sempron(TM) 2200+
kern.timecounter.choice = clockinterrupt(q=0, f=100 Hz) TSC(q=-100, f=1800183380 Hz) ACPI-Fast(q=1000, f=3579545 Hz) lapic(q=2100, f=400014291 Hz) i8254(q=100, f=1193182 Hz) dummy(q=-1000000, f=1000000 Hz)
kern.timecounter.hardware = lapic
kern.timecounter.timestepwarnings = 0