Subject: i386 MP kernel hangs before starting init
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/27/2007 22:56:09

I just wanted to try a MP kernel again, but the last output is this:

crypto: driver 0 registers alg 11 flags 0 maxoplen 0
crypto: driver 0 registers alg 18 flags 0 maxoplen 0
pad: requested 1 uni

Thats were the serial console stopped and there was no way to break into ddb.

There are 3 dmesg outputs, which can be found on

dmesg.boot.4_99_31	working MP kernel 4.99.31
dmesg.boot.4_99_45	broken MP kernel 4.99.45
dmesg.boot.non_mp	working non MP kernel 4.99.45

The 4.99.45 was updated 25-Dec-2007 around 14:00 UTC.
I think the 4.99.31 was from 05-Oct-2007.

Btw, there are quite a few devices which don't use pmf, where it doesn't
matter that much because this is not a laptop:

Devices without power management support: fdc0 lpt0 joy0 nfsmbc0 nfsmb0 nfsmb1
 viaide0 viaide1 bktr0 radio0 skc0 sk0 fd0