Subject: Re: 4.99.36 very unstable for me(tm)
To: None <>
From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/19/2007 09:31:38
Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> I have built both emacs21 and emacs22 after upgrading (including all
> dependencies) from scratch.
> I just tried again, I can still reproduce the problem on my amd64
> kernel from Dec 11.

Hm, yes, it seems to be weirder than I thought. I'm not bothered with
this problem any more using Emacs, but I've recently seen it with ftp
(the normal client, installed as /usr/bin/ftp), where backgrounding one
ftp session caused another one, in the foreground, to spontaneously stop
and background itself when attempting to do console output.  Weirdly,
when I now try to reproduce it, I can't.

Things were really bad with a -current from November 15th, and I thought
updating again on the 21st fixed it, but it seems the problem is still
there, but now only strikes sporadically.

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