Subject: Re: kde requirements?
To: Sarton O'Brien <>
From: Mark Kirby <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/18/2007 16:31:47
On 18 Dec 2007, at 00:28, Sarton O'Brien wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just a quick question (please ignore this if you are anti-kde),  
> does anyone know if someone is tackling the underlying requirements  
> for the kde desktop to completely function on netbsd (be it kde  
> devs or netbsd)?

Kde works perfectly fine on NetBSD it doesn't have all the bells and  
whistles but is perfectly usable as a desktop.

Is there something you specifically need?

> I'd sooner switch from linux even for at least testing/debugging  
> purposes if there_is_ progress being made.

Yes there is. The work that freza@ did for his soc is being  
incorporated into some work that cube@ is working on. mjf@ is also  
working on a devfs implementation both of which make the hal port  
easier. Once those two bits are included in current sources i can  
continue with writing the netbsd backend for hal, unless freza wants  
to do that too ;)

KDE 4 is currently in progress and preliminary packages are in pkgsrc  
wip, that work is being done by markd@

So yes there is work around this area.

If there is anything else you would like to know just shout.