Subject: delayed login and username@DOMAIN displayed
To: None <>
From: Sarton O'Brien <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/06/2007 14:12:13
Hi all,

I've put off posting this for a good long while because I was sure I 
could figure it out ... but it does not seem to be the case however :(

A while back I configured a current domu to use winbind but shortly 
after decided against it.

The domu functions as expected _except_ when presented with a console 
login prompt it now appears like so:

login: root
root@DOMAIN.LOCAL's Password:

And there is a significant delay after entering the password.

My experience with authentication doesn't go much passed nsswitch.conf 
and even then only to incorporate ldap users and groups, not to 
authenticate locally and all seems to look how I would expect.

libntlm is installed as a dependency for jabberd2 but not used.

DNS is fine, even though this 'feels' like a DNS issue.

So my guess is that something is plugged into the auth system and I 
can't locate it or something DNS related is occuring, but only on login. 
The only thing at this point hinting in any direction is the @DOMAIN on 
login .... where else do I look??

Absolutely nothing in any logs that I can find.

Thanks in advance,