Subject: iSCSI initiator CHAP failure
To: None <>
From: Jay Nelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/26/2007 17:29:55
I'm trying to configure a sparc64 4.99.37 initiator to mount an
i386 4.0_RC3 target without much luck. I can't get past authentication
and I'm hoping someone can point me to what I'm doing wrong.

Log messages start with:

No matching user configuration entry for `jdn' was found
Please add an entry for `jdn' to `/etc/iscsi/auths'
pid 3175:/usr/src/dist/iscsi/src/parameters.c:545: ***ERROR*** Unknown
user `0x88ac594f7d6e0b2bce40fa0ecc29d60c'
pid 3175:/usr/src/dist/iscsi/src/parameters.c:187: ***ERROR*** key
"AuthResult" not found in param list
pid 3175:/usr/src/dist/iscsi/src/initiator.c:1904: ***ERROR***
param_text_parse_offer() failed

yet /etc/iscsi/auths contains


and auths' permissions is 600 on both machines.

Initiator command is:

	'iscsifs -u jdn -h acp /mnt'

What did I overlook?


-- jay