Subject: Re: i386 30-second freeze, possibly mouse-related
To: Alan Barrett <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/12/2007 01:52:34
Alan Barrett wrote:

> My i386 system, running a -current kernel from yesterday's sources
> (4.99.35) and userland from about a month ago just froze for about 30
> seconds.  I was in X (using Xorg-modular from pkgsrc); moving the mouse
> didn't work, and the window manager's clock stopped ticking.  Here's the
> content of /var/log/messages just before and after the freeze.  (I think
> that the freeze continued for at least 10 seconds longer than is implied
> by the "11:49:37" timestamps.)
> Nov 11 11:49:14 apb-laptoy /netbsd: pms0: pms_input: unusual delay (0.050026 s),
>  scheduling reset
> Nov 11 11:49:37 apb-laptoy /netbsd: pckbport: command timeout
> Nov 11 11:49:37 apb-laptoy /netbsd: wpi0: fatal firmware error
> Nov 11 11:49:37 apb-laptoy /netbsd: pms_disable: command error

Is this an MP system with a PS2 mouse?  I saw this same problem on the
netbsd-4 branch.  MP kernels with and with ACPI showed the same problem,
but any UP kernels (with no ACPI, with ACPI and with MPBIOS/ioapic)
work ok.  I think that most (all?) time I saw the problem it was when I
moving the mouse.

My final "fix" was to plug the mouse into a USB port instead...