Subject: Re: nmap not working?
To: Jared D. McNeill <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/2007 19:55:49
In pkgsrc/net/samba/work/samba-2.0.26a/source/lib/interfaces.c, line 123
has a for loop that uses struct ifreq *ifr as an array in data returned
from SIOCGIFCONF.  This is totally bogus and would have failed under 4.4BSD.
With the struct sockaddr_storage change, it should work.

If it doesn't work, someone should gdb this loop.

If it works for some, and fails to find interfaces on systems with many
interfaces, then change buff from 8192 to 32768 or more.  Each address
is now 144 bytes, the minimum struct ifreq, because sockaddr_storage is
128 and there's 16 of ifr_name.