Subject: Re: Inverted boot problem for a Mac Mini
To: Marco Trillo <>
From: Johan Ihren <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/06/2007 22:43:11

On 6 Nov 2007, at 20:59, Marco Trillo wrote:

> Hi,
> On 11/6/07, Johan Ihren <> wrote:
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>> On 6 Nov 2007, at 03:19, Jared D. McNeill wrote:
>>> On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, Johan Ihren wrote:
>>>> So, in short: Doesn't listen to the keyboard at all during boot,
>>>> doesn't boot Mac media (HDD or DVD) but does boot NetBSD media
>>>> (HDD or CD). I'm stuck with NetBSD ;-)
>>> Maybe a stupid question, but have you tried holding down the option
>>> key while powering on?
>> Yep. I've tried every magic keypress I've been able to squeeze out of
>> Google. Pressing any combination of keys while booting is a no-op.
> This is also a stupid question, but are you using a USB keyboard
> (i.e., no Bluetooth or so) to press the Option or the C key ?

Yep. Tried three keyboards, two standard issue PC USB kbds and an  
Apple USB kbd (all of which work just fine on other machines and also  
on the Mini once NetBSD has booted). No difference and absolutely no  
action. And this is obviously regardless of whether I boot NetBSD or  
try to boot MacOSX: in neither case am I able to communicate with the  
"BIOS/EFI/Apple-magic-keypress-interface" so NetBSD boots as a default  
action I suppose and once up of course detects the USB keyboard and  
everything is Just Fine. But no MacOSX.

Speaking of which, has anyone pondered adding support for USB  
keyboards to the NetBSD bootmanager? I.e. in a year or two PS/2  
keyboard ports on new motherboards will be rare and then the only way  
to communicate with the boot loader will be via USB support. And my  
recent experience has sort of sensitized me to how frustrating it is  
not to be able to affect boot device, boot order, options or anything  
until the OS is up and running.