Subject: Re: 1280x800 resolution using vesa driver
To: None <>
From: C. K. <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/29/2007 03:13:38
This is very useful information, thank you. I 've spent about 12-13 hours to
force vesa have display mode 1280x800 by using many different modes etc. No
luck. I've installed suse and tested ati's prop. driver to test and it

Now, i'm in contact with SUSE team and they are implementing new "radeonhd"
driver... This is open-source drive for all Ati's 13xx, 14xx and 2xxx

For whom interested in radeonhd:

"" is mailing list.

is compiled driver for i586 systems.



Michael van Elst wrote:
> (didier gaumet) writes:
>>On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 03:04:51 -0700, C. K. wrote:
>>> Opps, i forgot to mention that i have Ati graphic card.
>>> Regards,
>>soory, I assumed a little bit too quickly myself that you have an Intel
>>graphic chipset (with these ones, this problem is a classic).
> The vesa driver asks the BIOS to chose a display mode and
> the BIOS keeps a list of possible modes. I have seen several
> systems, all notebooks, where the vesa bios did not list
> all possible modes, and this includes even the native resolution
> of the display.
> If you can't hack around this (like for the Intel chipset) you
> need a driver that talks to the hardware directly. For older
> ATI graphics cards, that shouldn't be a problem.
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