Subject: Re: LFS on multi-processor systems
To: Brian de Alwis <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/21/2007 10:57:18
On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 10:46:58AM +1000, Daniel Carosone wrote:
> There will be several puffs/FUSE options for something like this,
> among the clustering category, but none that are readily packaged now.
> The cluster fs I'm most interested in (glusterfs) isn't quite there
> yet, it needs more low-level fuse support in refuse (or to be ported
> to puffs).

fuse lowlevel compatibility is gradually percolating its way up my
list of things to do, and it's now fairly near the top. I have an
initial stab at things coded up, but it needs a whole lot more done
before it can be fleshed out. The development strategy being used
is the same as used for refuse - the paper presented at EuroBSDcon
is also at:

More as it happens...