Subject: Re: RAIDframe questions
To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Chris Ross <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/2007 22:01:10
On Sep 19, 2007, at 17:44, Brian Buhrow wrote:
> 	Hello Chris.  You want to swap on raid0b, which you've labeled with a
> raid specific label, but have a b partition on each component disk  
> because
> you are correct that crash dumps cannot be written to swap  
> partitions on
> raided disks.  Alternatively, if you don't care about that, don't  
> worry
> about the b partitions on the component disks.
> 	In addition to the documentation you sighted for raidframe setup,  
> read
> the raidctl(8) man page.  It's pretty complete in terms of  
> instructions to
> follow in various scenarios.

   But no, I do care, so I'll set up the b partitions on the  
component disks.
Wow, that bit of dc(1) magic in that chapter of the netbsd documentation
is a little scary.  I had to do it quite a few times to get the right  
and even in the end got one that didn't match the cylinder  boundaries
correctly.  I had to adjust it by hand, using my own calculations.   
I'm not
sure why.  It's not very well explained there, at least for my eyes...

   Anyway, thanks all for the assistance.  I'll see how it  
goes.  :-)  I'll figure
out how to cause a crash dump on a sparc64 via serial console.  :-)

                           - Chris