Subject: Strange instability with -current on port-amd64
To: None <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/04/2007 12:41:00
I had my main system die a couple days ago (California heat wave plus 
failed CPU fan == meltdown) so I built a new system.  Mother board is a 
ASUS "M2N32 WS Professional".

netbsd-GENERIC will boot successfully into single-user, but cannot start 
either ntpd or xdm.  If I disable both of those in /etc/rc.conf then I 
can make it all the way to multi-user.

netbsd-GENERIC.MP, on the other hand, gets all the way through system 
configuration, and just about when it is ready to start init, the system 
just reboots.  Nothing displayed on the console, it just goes right to 
power-on self-test.

On the 3rd hand, a custom kernel built from sources updated as of today 
at 1400 UTC gets to about the same point, but then drops into the kernel 
debugger at Xlegacy_intr+0x?? (I forgot to write down the number).  The 
(USB) keyboard is totally useless at that point.

Oh, also, has anyone seen a driver for a "Marvell 88SE614X" E-IDE 
controller?  :)  I'm having difficulty getting my DVD drive and tape 
drive to run on the same IDE bus, so I've had to remove the DVD;  it 
would be nice to connect it up to the Marvell controller if it can be 

And does anyone know if the SMBus controller for the nVidia MCP55 
(PCI_PRODUCT_NVIDIA_MCP55_SMB) can be driven by the same driver as the 
nForce-5's nfsmb.c?  I was really surprised that the on-board Gigabit 
LAN controllers on the MCP55 were successfully handled by the if_nfe 
driver, so wondering if I can get lucky again!  :)

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