Subject: Re: X11 not building these days?
To: None <>
From: Sarton O'Brien <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/04/2007 16:12:58
> >     To build X with, you should be doing,
> >"./ ... -X <path to xsrc> ... -x ... distribution/release ..."
> >If you run without any options, it will tell what the options
> >are.  Also, BUILDING in the top level src directory explains how to
> >build the system.
> But probably doesn't cover "and make sure xsrc was getting hit by CVS,
> or you'll be using a -current tree against an xsrc from about a year
> ago".  Well, that explains all the "apparent bitrot" I was seeing.

I believe it is assumed that if you are tracking current, your are most likely 
aware of what parts need to be in sync. Admittedly it's not novice friendly 
but neither is tracking current in general.

I'd nail it down to experience in this instance as there are plenty of docs 
out there for ensuring you have the prerequisites for building NetBSD.

Although, maybe 'Reachover' could be elaborated on, in the NetBSD context of 
course :) ... though I'm not aware of any distro (that I have used) that 
assumes x11 is part of the base.