Subject: NetBSD 4 Issues
To: None <>
From: Christian Hattemer <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/02/2007 11:26:23

I'd like to raise two issues that I'm aware of since some time before NetBSD 
4 gets released.

The first one is rather old and should be fixed in -current.
About a year ago I used qemu to install the -current of that time on my WRAP 
board. It happend rather frequently that the system would crash somewhere in 
wsdisplay when switching from qemu's VGA display to the qemu console or the 
serial console and then back to VGA.

It think this should be fixed by this commit, which should probably be 
pulled up to the netbsd-4 branch:

However I didn't try the change yet.

The other issue is related to sysinst. It last happend to me about three 
weeks ago with a build from the netbsd-4 branch of that time.

The bootselector default doesn't seem to be set properly by sysinst or it 
isn't respected correctly by the bootselector.

I installed NetBSD i386 in the second primary partition of a disk that 
already has Windows in the first primary partition. I selected the NetBSD 
partition in sysinst to be the bootselector default. However the system will 
still boot Windows if I do nothing at the bootselector prompt.

Please note: Since I'm not subscribed please CC me on reply.

Bye, Chris